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Number of Members: 4


  • The purpose of the “Town of Hartwick – Economic Development Committee (EDC)” is:
  • To serve as the liaison between the Town Board and businesses within the town;
  • To provide a credible voice for the needs and concerns of the Hartwick business community;
  • To advise the Town Board on matters related to business activity in the Town;
  • To provide businesses in Hartwick with a unified voice in the regulatory process;
  • To advise the Town Board on how the town can effectively serve the needs of the business community in terms of policies, procedures and services offered;
  • To provide a forum for the coordination of various programs;
  • To ensure that impact on the business community is considered as part of related future projects, programs and policy development;
  • To address the problems and challenges that face Hartwick businesses and the community as a whole;
  • To assist Town government by disseminating information to and from the business community via written materials, workshops, presentations, and other means;
  • To provide education, advocacy and business-development connections for businesses within the Town.

Hartwick Business Owners:
Please sign up for our E-mail list so we can keep you informed.

Who is the BAC?

Marcy Birch, Barnyard Swing,, (607) 376-1853

Susan O’Handley, Central NY Mobile Marketing,, (607) 643-5680

Connie Haney, Cooperstown Bat Company,, (888) 547-2415

Committee Members:
Juli Sharratt, Cooperstown Beaver Valley Cabins & Campsites,, (607) 293-7324


We are seeking three additional people from our business community for this committee. Please contact Marcy Birch if you are interested.

Thank you!

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