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A Committee of the Hartwick Conservation Advisory Committee

Number of Members: 6


Clean Energy Communities Program – NYSERDA Program

Building a more sustainable New York starts with building more sustainable communities. Local governments affect energy choices in their communities, from government operations to homes, businesses, and community institutions.

Local governments in New York State can use the Clean Energy Communities program to implement clean energy actions, save energy costs, create jobs, and improve the environment. In addition to providing tools, resources, and technical assistance, the program recognizes and rewards leadership for the completion of clean energy projects.

Benchmarking Resolution: Town of Hartwick first High-Impact Action Item successfully completed.

Resolution Adopting Energy Benchmarking Policy Requirements for Certain Municipal Buildings in the Town of Hartwick – Resolution 12-C-2016

Community Choice Aggregation – This is a High-Impact Action Item that the Town of Hartwick will be considering in the near future (06/16/2021).

The purpose of Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) is to allow participating local governments to procure energy supply service and distributed energy resources (DER) for eligible energy customers in the community. These customers will have the opportunity to opt out of the procurement, while maintaining transmission and distribution service from the existing Distribution Utility.

CCA allows local governments to work together through a shared purchasing model to put out for bid the total amount of electricity and/or natural gas being purchased by eligible customers within the jurisdictional boundaries of participating municipalities. Eligible customers will have the opportunity to have more control to lower their overall energy costs, to spur clean energy innovation and investment, to improve customer choice and value, and to protect the environment, thereby fulfilling an important public purpose.


Benchmarking is when local governments adopt a policy that requires annual reporting of energy used in buildings. Setting up a system for measuring and sharing energy use data helps identify opportunities to cut energy waste and associated costs. The Town of Hartwick has done this and this document records energy use by Hartwick buildings from 2018 to 7/07/2021.

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