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GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: Performs routine tasks in support of a program of recreational, social and
other normal leisure activities; does related work as required.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS: This is non-technical work involving responsibility for assisting in
the conduct of a varied program of social recreational and other normal recreation activities with individuals in a
variety of summer and youth programs, which are not required to be performed by professional activities personnel.
Incumbents may also be required to carry out routine helper tasks as assigned. The work is performed under the
direct supervision of a higher-ranking activities program employee. Incumbents receive on-the-job training in
routine activities program duties. Supervision of the work of others is not a responsibility of employees in this class.
EXAMPLES OF WORK: (Illustrative only)
Assists with craft projects and other recreation activities;
Prepares equipment, supplies and facilities for special entertainment, individual and/or group activities;
Assists in organizing and participating in games and other forms of recreation;
Attends and participates in in-service training programs;
May aid with arranging for movies, picnics, theme days, and other events;
Aids in inventory, cleaning and storage of activities supplies and equipment;
May maintain simple records and reports.
Provides participants with positive/encouraging feedback and understanding;
May aid in the preparation and serving of refreshments during activities programs;
Assists with assessment of participants’ interests;
Reviews the activities program schedules before start of program to become familiar with the activities for the day;
Does related work as required.
REQUIRED KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Ability to acquire a working knowledge of basic arts, crafts,
games, sports, hobbies and other normal recreation activities used in summer and youth programs; ability to
stimulate and maintain individuals’ participation and interest in the activities program; ability to work with volunteers;
ability to maintain simple records and reports; ability to quickly shift from one activity to another as needed; physical
condition commensurate with the demands of the position.
Approved Otsego Co. CS – 9/1/77
Rev. 4/10/13; Revised for use in Towns and Villages – 3/24/2020
CLASSIFICATION – Competitive (Town & Village Service)

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